How and When to Wear Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry Is High Fashion Today And Can Be Worn With Any Outfit During Any Occasion!


Turquoise Beads on Scarlet Johansson

Scarlet Johansson wears a Turquoise Bead Necklace

There are no limits to the functionality and utility of Turquoise Jewelry pieces.  Turquoise goes with almost any color wonderfully, especially since there are quite a few different colors of natural Turquoise.  Turquoise can come in all shades of green and blue, as well as yellow and brown.  There are also other gemstones that are called “White Turquoise” which obviously would go with any out fit as they are white and black. The most common color is the traditional Turquoise blue or aqua “Sky Blue” colored Turquoise.  This color is so beautiful and is highly desired as it is the color of the sky and the Caribbean waters.  Even though this is the main color, we will discuss all colors of Turquoise in Fashion and how to wear them.

Turquoise Jewelry is worn well with jeans and a t-shirt as well as with a business suit or a formal gown.  Many people across the world wear Turquoise jewelry on a daily basis.  True Turquoise lovers wear their favorite Turquoise jewelry pieces

Bret Micheals Turquoise Ring

Bret Micheals with a Turquoise Ring

 almost everyday, whether they are working in the yard or going to the office.  Many Turquoise fanatics collect all the different colors of Turquoise in Silver and Gold Jewelry and wear the different colors with coordinating outfits.

There is no one way to wear Turquoise Jewelry. Some people like to wear matching sets, others like to mix the colors all up for a more artistic and ethinic look.  Some would say by mixing up your Turquoise Jewelry and not wearing matching sets, you look more traveled and worldly.  Other claim that match sets make them look sophisticated.  Either way, today, just wearing a piece of Turquoise jewelry makes you look educated, worldly, and in style.

Today everyone is wearing Turquoise jewelry, especially the Rich and Famous.  We have seen Turquoise Jewelry on almost every super star today, from Country music singers to Rappers, to Movie Stars.  Turquoise is Hot!


Watch a few videos on Turquoise Jewelry Fashion and 

How You Can Wear Your Turquoise Jewelry:


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