Turquoise – The December Birthstone

Tantalizing Turquoise  —  don’t you love it? 

Stormy Mountain Turquoise PendantMost people do not know that Turquoise is one of the official birth stones for the month of December.  Turquoise is the modern December birthstone and the accepted gem for the fifth and eleventh wedding anniversaries.
Brought to Europe from  Eastern Mediterranean traders ( known as Turks) many many years ago, Turquoise has been used as a valuable ornament for ages.  Turquoise was one of the first gemstones known to man and was used by Egyptions thousands of years ago.   
Its lovely range of color varies from green and greenish blue to sky blue shades.   Turquoise folklore claims it will attract money, success and love.  In addition to relaxing the mind and easing mental tension, it is believed to offer protection, healing, courage and friendship. 

Shouldn’t everyone have at least one Turquoise jewelry item?

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