Turquoise’s Best Friend Is The Summer Color For 2011

2011’s color of the year is to be Coral!  This is great news for Turquoise as one of the best color combinations in the world is Turquoise and coral.  This symbolizes Turquoise’s continued popularity in fashion.

In 2010 Turquoise was the color of the year and was seen in all fashion from car colors to shoes, dresses and jewelry.  This year you can expect to see a lot of Coral and Turquoise jewelry as well as the colors in fashion clothes and accessories.

Since mankind has adorned themselves, we have had a passion for Turquoise and Coral.  Turquoise represents tranquility, the sky and the water, in contrast Coral represents sunrises, fire and passion.

Here are the trending colors from the past decade:

2000: Cerulean
2001: Fuchsia Rose
2002: True Red
2003: Aqua Sky
2004: Tigerlilly
2005: Blue Turquoise
2006: Sand Dollar
2007: Chili Pepper
2008: Blue Iris
2009: Mimosa
2010: Turquoise

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