Green Turquoise Jewelry

Broken Arrow Green Turquoise

Learn A Little About Green Turquoise Jewelry

According to, green is the currently fashionable color for fine jewelry and fashionable jewelry accessories. Green is the color; turquoise is the stone. Maybe. For us Turquoise fans it is definately Green Turquoise.

Natural green turquoise occurs in colors ranging from blue to green, often with a black matrix or black veining. A known natural green turquoise is Broken Arrow turquoise, sourced from the Otteson family’s Nevada mine. It’s different from other domestic turquoise sources in that the turquoise isn’t turquoise-colored, it’s green.

Some green turquoise gets its green from color treatments of howlite and magnesite, both white stones with a black matrix. In their natural state, howlite and magnesite closely resemble authentic white turquoise. When dyed, the stones take on a green color that is indistinguishable from natural green turquoise color by the casual observer. To a professional natural green Turquoise is obviously different looking from the colored product of synthetic green Turquoise jewelry.

There are tests to determine whether green turquoise is natural or dyed. The tests, however, are destructive. Whether green turquoise is natural or color treated, the stones are interesting natural lapidary sources for turquoise jewelry.

The necklace of green turquoise shown in the photo is fashioned from stones sold as ‘green turquoise.’ It is at the discretion of viewers to decide whether the green color is real or fashioned from alternative stones and man-made treatments, or whether the source of the green even matters. For this jewelry designer and gemstone writer, it’s about the design. I like the lovely green color however it got there! Do you?

Green Turquoise Jewelry

by Lorraine Yapps Cohen


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