New Age in Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry

American Turquoise Jewelry can compete in global trade

The United States economy has slowed dramatically despite what government reports and president Obama claims. We must realize they do need to be optimistic or we would be in a hell of a state. As we have passed the 15,000,000,000,000.00 point we can no longer even pay the interest on the money we have borrowed from the world and soon we will lose possession of the world bank. There is no doubt, we are in a very serious situation that has some very interesting implications – the U.S. is the peace keepers of the world and what will the world do with out the U.S. to come to their rescue? Anyway, as individual Americans we must now be aggressive for ourselves and start reaching out to find our own way to stay afloat in these trying times that are upon us now and the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry is popular in many parts of the world, did you know it was first discovered over 7,000 years ago in Egypt? There are examples of Turquoise Jewelry are on display in the Cairo Museum that have been carbon dated back to 5500 B.C. People in many areas of the world have worn Turquoise for thousands of years and still love it as much as they alway have.

Different cultures around the world do not adorn themselves as lavishly as Americans and Tibetans do, however, there is a great market out there for American Turquoise and American Turquoise Jewelry as American Turquoise is some of the finest in the world and the world loves American Turquoise.

As the American market has slowed down and consumers are hanging on tight to their wallets, other economies around the globe are doing quite well and business is as usual. The time is upon us to look to the world and find new places to sell our goods. We must re-evaluate what type of Jewelry will be appropriate to market than design and develop new Jewelry styles that will fit into their lifestyles.

It would be intelligent for American business to take control of their own destiny and seek the way for the future well-being of their own businesses. It would not be intelligent to sit back and watch your business fall deeper and deeper into debt and disaster. Lets get busy and market ourselves to the world!

John Hartman
Durango Silver Company


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