The Beauty of Turquoise

Royston Turquoise JewelryThe beauty of Turquoise – Turquoise was found by the Egyptians over 7,500 years ago. When it was found the natives believed it was a stone sent from the great fathers above. They called Turquoise the sky stone and worshiped it to have spiritual powers.

Turquoise runs from a light blue to dark blue which comes from Arizona and light green to dark green which comes from Nevada. Turquoise has a matrix which is actually the rock that the Turquoise was formed in. Turquoise is a sedimentary stone meaning it comes from moisture that seeps down in the earth and gets its colors from the minerals that the moisture collects, they are iron, copper and aluminum sulphates.

Villa Grove Turquoise RingTurquoise has a wide range in colors and it is personal preference at to what color each individual likes. Each Turquoise stone is one of a kind and many people find something they like in a particular Turquoise stone which makes it special to them.

Turquoise is believed by many, worldwide to have spiritual powers. Healers for thousands of years from many different areas of the world believe Turquoise brings health, happiness and good fortune to its bearer.

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