Turquoise Jewelry Company Goes Global

Durango Silver Company has been working in the global marketplace since the 1990′s when they worked with the Marsay Company of  Tokyo. Ultimately Durango Silver Company re-tooled his company to produce 23,000 pieces of American Turquoise Jewelry items to applied onto Sterling Silver Zippo lighter cases. It was a big hit and Durango Silver Company went on to produce nearly a half million Sterling Silver and Turquoise pieces for export to Tokyo, Japan.

More recently, Durango Silver Company has been shipping Silver and Turquoise Jewelry to many corners of the world and have found global trade to be much easier these days as many of the shipping companies such as UPS, Fedex and their favorite shipper the U.S. Postal Service has made great strides in global shipping and insurance.

Durango Silver Company is now partnering with a company in Malta to unveil their new global website for the European community at www.Turquoise-Jewelry.com. Our company is in a R & D process to develop a new inovative style of Sterling Silver Jewelry that can accomidate any type of gemstone that is called for by a particular demographic.

Durango Silver Company is also looking at other prospects in the global marketplace for their authentic American made products which are in great demand. As economics become tighter we may have to dig deeper, says John Hartman (CEO,) whatever it takes, we are Americans and we are some of the most creative minded people on earth!

Keep your eyes peeled… Durango Silver Company always has new things in the works!


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