Turquoise News – Poem by Sally Edwards Prescott




Oh, how ~ you lovely, silent thief

Persian Turquoise Cabochons

Persian Turquoise Cabochons

who stole the blue away
from the heavens and the seas,
the green from leaves ~ do play
on my heart strings, beckoning
me to purchase you and bring

the kind of joy ~ that only you,
in the world of gems can do.
You, who grow more treasured with
passing time ~ I can’t resist
and have to tell you ~ you’re beloved
by those who know the value of

this precious stone ~ that takes so long
just to come to be,
and one more rare, increasingly,
God’s gift ~ that is ~ to me
and others who ~ love beauty, too,
that’s cool, serene ~ displayed, in you!

It matters where your life begins,
close to copper, iron
or if there is aluminum
and other metals found,
that determine shades of blue,
green, or matrix, running through.

You were worn by Pharos, Kings
in ancient days ~ and are
still, among all gems we see,
more splendid and by far
the one that fills the eye with awe,
that fills the soul to overflow,

because you are ~ the shining star
of jewelry, made, today.
And as the world’s depleted of
your presence ~ one will pay
dearly for you ~ when you are
natural, polished and by far

lovelier than words can say,
and so, today, I seek
to find you for the ones I love,
to cherish and to keep,
for you,
Turquoise, will always be
the ocean, sky that colors thee!

Sally Edwards Prescott

Summer 2011


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