New Natural Kingman Turquoise Find

New Kingman Turquoise Find


New Kingman Turquoise

Spider Web Natural Kingman Turquoise Ring

The Colbaugh’s have found a new Kingman Turquoise find that is super high grade and consists of a few viens that produce both “birdseye” matix and a fine black spider web matrix Turquoise.  This new Kingman Turquoise is a beautiful medium blue and is top grade natural cutting rough.  The new find of high grade Kingman Turquoise was found with the help of Marty Colbaugh’s long time friend Monty who owns the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine in Globe, Arizona.  Marty Colbaugh, Josh Colbaugh and Monty found these new viens together in early 2011.  This new Kingman Turquoise is being sold in limited quantities and mainly being purchased by a select few high end jewelers.   Most of the jewelry being made in 14k gold and gold and silver combination jewelry.  Some highend sterling silver jewelry is being made with this high grade new Kingman Turquoise.  Once you see this natural new Kingman Turquoise you will fall in love. 


New Kingman Turquoise is Super High Grade!


The new Kingman Turquoise is some of the highest grade Turquoise that has ever come out of the Kingman Turquoise mine in Kingman, Arizona USA.  This beatiful gemstone is a great example of American Turquoise.  The new Kingman Turquoise is so high grade that when you hit the rough together it sounds like marbles clicking. The new Kingman Turquoise is very beautiful in the rough, actually it is a show stopper when seen in the rough, especially when most of the Turquoise seen at gemshows today is stabilized or super low grade.  It is like a fresh breath of air to jewelers who know good gemstone.

New Kingman Turquoise Jewelry

New Kingman Turquoise RingYou will start to see this new Kingman Turquoise showing up in jewelry today and more and more by the end of 2011.  The jewelry that you will see the new Kingman Turquoise set in will be top grade, it will be silver jewelry and gold jewelry that every jewelers is proud of.   When most jewelers find gemstone this wonderful, they are very careful to only put it in the best jewelry possible.  You will see new Kingman Turquoise showing up in Native American Jewelry as well Anglo artist jewelry, old style and contemporary Turquoise jewelry.  Keep your eyes peeled for wonderful jewelry made with this rare new Kingman Turquoise!


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