2016 Fashion Jewelry Trend – Modern Turquoise Jewelry

2016 Fashion Jewelry Trend – Modern Turquoise Jewelry


According to many fashion magazine sources one of the biggest trends in the last 5 years has been Turquoise.  There have been trends for the classic Southwestern style Turquoise jewelry caused by Ralph Lauren, John Mayer, and other celebrities and celebrity designers.  However, it is changing as many fashion designers incorporate Turquoise into their style of jewelry.

Turquoise and Solitaire with accents are one of jewelry’s most classic combinations, long associated with Native American artisans and a Southwestern style aesthetic. But the distinctive stone suddenly has a fresh new look as designers incorporate it into modern settings and pair it with gold, pearls and diamonds.

You will see more and more modern jewelry using Turquoise.  It sure does look neat and adds a new dimension to the public’s perception of one of jewelry’s most popular gemstones. Get you Modern Turquoise Jewelry on.


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