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Turquoise News – Poem by Sally Edwards Prescott




Oh, how ~ you lovely, silent thief

Persian Turquoise Cabochons

Persian Turquoise Cabochons

who stole the blue away
from the heavens and the seas,
the green from leaves ~ do play
on my heart strings, beckoning
me to purchase you and bring

the kind of joy ~ that only you,
in the world of gems can do.
You, who grow more treasured with
passing time ~ I can’t resist
and have to tell you ~ you’re beloved
by those who know the value of

this precious stone ~ that takes so long
just to come to be,
and one more rare, increasingly,
God’s gift ~ that is ~ to me
and others who ~ love beauty, too,
that’s cool, serene ~ displayed, in you!

It matters where your life begins,
close to copper, iron
or if there is aluminum
and other metals found,
that determine shades of blue,
green, or matrix, running through.

You were worn by Pharos, Kings
in ancient days ~ and are
still, among all gems we see,
more splendid and by far
the one that fills the eye with awe,
that fills the soul to overflow,

because you are ~ the shining star
of jewelry, made, today.
And as the world’s depleted of
your presence ~ one will pay
dearly for you ~ when you are
natural, polished and by far

lovelier than words can say,
and so, today, I seek
to find you for the ones I love,
to cherish and to keep,
for you,
Turquoise, will always be
the ocean, sky that colors thee!

Sally Edwards Prescott

Summer 2011

New Age in Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry

American Turquoise Jewelry can compete in global trade

The United States economy has slowed dramatically despite what government reports and president Obama claims. We must realize they do need to be optimistic or we would be in a hell of a state. As we have passed the 15,000,000,000,000.00 point we can no longer even pay the interest on the money we have borrowed from the world and soon we will lose possession of the world bank. There is no doubt, we are in a very serious situation that has some very interesting implications – the U.S. is the peace keepers of the world and what will the world do with out the U.S. to come to their rescue? Anyway, as individual Americans we must now be aggressive for ourselves and start reaching out to find our own way to stay afloat in these trying times that are upon us now and the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry is popular in many parts of the world, did you know it was first discovered over 7,000 years ago in Egypt? There are examples of Turquoise Jewelry are on display in the Cairo Museum that have been carbon dated back to 5500 B.C. People in many areas of the world have worn Turquoise for thousands of years and still love it as much as they alway have.

Different cultures around the world do not adorn themselves as lavishly as Americans and Tibetans do, however, there is a great market out there for American Turquoise and American Turquoise Jewelry as American Turquoise is some of the finest in the world and the world loves American Turquoise.

As the American market has slowed down and consumers are hanging on tight to their wallets, other economies around the globe are doing quite well and business is as usual. The time is upon us to look to the world and find new places to sell our goods. We must re-evaluate what type of Jewelry will be appropriate to market than design and develop new Jewelry styles that will fit into their lifestyles.

It would be intelligent for American business to take control of their own destiny and seek the way for the future well-being of their own businesses. It would not be intelligent to sit back and watch your business fall deeper and deeper into debt and disaster. Lets get busy and market ourselves to the world!

John Hartman
Durango Silver Company

The Beauty of Turquoise

Royston Turquoise JewelryThe beauty of Turquoise – Turquoise was found by the Egyptians over 7,500 years ago. When it was found the natives believed it was a stone sent from the great fathers above. They called Turquoise the sky stone and worshiped it to have spiritual powers.

Turquoise runs from a light blue to dark blue which comes from Arizona and light green to dark green which comes from Nevada. Turquoise has a matrix which is actually the rock that the Turquoise was formed in. Turquoise is a sedimentary stone meaning it comes from moisture that seeps down in the earth and gets its colors from the minerals that the moisture collects, they are iron, copper and aluminum sulphates.

Villa Grove Turquoise RingTurquoise has a wide range in colors and it is personal preference at to what color each individual likes. Each Turquoise stone is one of a kind and many people find something they like in a particular Turquoise stone which makes it special to them.

Turquoise is believed by many, worldwide to have spiritual powers. Healers for thousands of years from many different areas of the world believe Turquoise brings health, happiness and good fortune to its bearer.

You can read more on Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry in the Learning Center of

Turquoise Mining in America

Turquoise MiningWill Turquoise Mines reopen in the U.S.?

Turquoise Mining in the United States has nearly come to a halt. Due to new government mining restrictions and the cost of mining in the United States, most of the Turquoise Mines have been closed. There are only two Turquoise Mines that are actually producing Turquoise for the market and they are the Kingman Turquoise Mine and the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine. Although the Royston Turquoise Mine is still active, they are not producing worthwhile quantities for the marketplace as they are hosting mining tours, and doing well at that!

The cost of mining Turquoise as well as any other materials out of the ground in the United States has become very expensive and the red tape involved with the federal government is getting more and more difficult every year. The bad economy also has a factor in the mining of Turquoise. In this recessionary period, people are spending less money and Jewelry of all sorts is not immune to these hard time in the economy.

As a result, American Turquoise is becoming rare and high grade American Turquoise is almost becoming extinct as there is only a small percentage of quality Turquoise of the Turquoise that comes out of the ground. Low end Turquoise or Chalk Turquoise used in costume or fashion Jewelry is not a problem as Mexico and China are still producing a lot of this type of material. It is very important to watch what China is doing as they have been producing fake Turquoise and this is not a good thing for the future of the Turquoise Market.


Contributor News and Information

Turquoise News is working on building a program to work with all of the businesses in the Turquoise field to share their Turquoise Information.

We will be introducing an exciting Turquoise Information sharing program that will provide people interested in Turquoise many different prospectives on Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry. We are excited to work with as many businesses and individuals that are actively in the Turquoise business.

Turquoise Fashion Is Here To Stay

Turquoise Jewelry and Turquoise colored clothing and accessories has long been high fashion, even since the Egyptian times. Turquoise has long been revered and named the “sky stone” as its color mirrors that of the sky and Fashion Turquoise Jewelrythe beautiful tropical ocean waters.  Every human being is drawn to crisp blue skies and refreshing aqua blue waters.  This has long been the draw for the popularity of the stone and the color in fashion and jewelry.

Turquoise fashion appeared on numerous designer runways for spring and summer 2009 and still seems to be dominating fashion. This is good news because turquoise is a universally flattering color. All hues of turquoise and marine blue work well for warm weather dressing, and turquoise combines especially well with neutrals black, white, and brown. Turquoise Jewelry will look wonderful with this years color of the year, Coral.  This can be seen in classic combinations of Turquoise and Coral in gold and silver jewelry.Turquoise Fashion Clothing

Turquoise gives its wear a sense of sophistication and sense of being a well-traveled individual.  Turquoise is also gives its wearer a sense of tranquility and comfort.

Turquoise has many uses fashion wise as well as spiritually.  Turquoise is believed in most cultures to be a healing stone. 

As a healing stone, Turquoise is among the crystal healing master stones. According to followers of the New Age Medicine, its powers can benefit the whole body, with special strengths in healing ailments of the immune, respiratory, waste and skeletal systems. Crystal healers recommend it for detoxification of alcohol, poison, pollution or radiation in the body, treatment of high blood pressure, asthma, infections, TMJ and dental problems.

Learn about many more Metaphysical properties of Turquoise

Turquoise will continue to be a fashion color as long as mankind thrives!

Chinese Turquoise Mines Closed

Chinese Turquoise Mines ClosedChinese Turquoise Moratorium

The word is out that the Chinese government has put a mandatory moratorium on Turquoise mining in China for a minimum of three years and most likely five.

The Chinese are not happy with the low values on their Turquoise for the amount of destruction the mining is doing to the hills and mountains it is mined in. There has also been a lot of loss of lives in and around the mines which is also disturbing to the government.

This will, no doubt, have a major impact on the Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry market worldwide as Chinese Turquoise has been used for about 75% of the Jewelry being made worldwide.

This will not alter the escalation of fake Turquoise being produced in China, and most likely it will increase as the fashion industry is using more and more of it in their cheap Turquoise Jewelry for the low-end markets. China has now gone beyond using Howlite to make their fake Turquoise, they are now just using cement, dyeing it the color in demand and pouring it into moulds of the shapes they desire.

It will be interesting to see what China produces for the fashion industry next!


Lookout Mountain Spiderweb Turquoise

Lookout Mountain Spiderweb TurquoiseLookout Mountain Spiderweb Turquoise Find-


Durango Silver Company is working on introducing our new find of the finest Spiderweb Turquoise we have had in many, many years! In fact, we believe this new Turquoise find is the best spiderweb Turquoise the world has seen in the past 75 years.

They will be cutting our Lookout Mountain Turquoise soon and setting it into quality Jewelry items soon after. They will be offering it for sell to their valued clients to use in thier special Jewelry as well.

If you are a connoisseur is the finest Turquoise – keep watching Durango Silver Company as they will be putting this on the market soon.


Green Turquoise

Green TurquoiseGreen Turquoise Presentation Page

Turquoise News has just put up a new presentation page on Green Turquoise, we invite you to take a look at this page by clicking on the link above or going to the Green Turquoise page by following this link.

This page has several photos with descriptive text as well as a short story on Green Turquoise – Check it out!