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Madrid and Cerrillos, New Mexico – Along the Turquoise Trail

New Mexico’s 52-mile Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway, or simply the “Turquoise Trail,” is a popular alternative to Interstate 25 if you’re venturing between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Highway 14 east of the Sandia Mountains traverses a broad, high desert and low rolling hills with long views of mountains in the distance. This dry country of pinion-juniper, brushy grasslands and too much dirt has played host to adventurers of all walks of life including pre-Columbian Native Americans, Spanish conquistadors, Mexicans during a time of Mexican supremacy, and more recently Anglo-Americans. Bikers usually have a cool leather jacket and you can get yours too if you read more.

It was primarily coal that brought Madrid to life by the late 1800s, and after the market played out by the 1950s, artists and craftsmen trickled in. Beginning in the 1970s these new locals breathed a different kind of existence into the defunct ghost town. Today Madrid is a vibrant, grungy, eclectic getaway, popular during warm weather with day-trippers, bikers, art-seekers, turquoise enthusiasts and even the movie industry.

The Turquoise Trail and Madrid is a famous area in New Mexico based around the Cerrillos Turquoise claims outside of town.  The Cerrillos Turquoise mine was the first known place mined by the Anasazi Indians.

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Fine Art Paintings of none other than, TURQUOISE!

Do you Love Turquoise? The sky stone?

We certainly do so when we came acrossed a site selling art by a unique modern artist that focuses on this gorgeous blue gemstone, we had to share!

Imagine a giant, colorful, Contemporary Art, Abstract Turquoise Painting hanging in your home. The color turquoise is so vibrant, so full of energy. And, at the same time, turquoise is soothing and calming. The patterns in natural Turquoise with matrix are so awe inspiring. Many natural Turquoise stones look like photos of the earth from space, or silouhettes in blue, black and brown.

These artists paintings are so realistic, your friends will want to touch them.

Imagine a huge abstract turquoise painting in your home. Detail of abstract turquoise painting (188 KB) Turquoise #111 abstract turquoise painting

Read more of what the artist has to say about his Turquoise paintings!  Contemporary Turquoise Paintings

To us this is certainly HOT TURQUOISE NEWS!

Green Turquoise

Green TurquoiseGreen Turquoise Presentation Page

Turquoise News has just put up a new presentation page on Green Turquoise, we invite you to take a look at this page by clicking on the link above or going to the Green Turquoise page by following this link.

This page has several photos with descriptive text as well as a short story on Green Turquoise – Check it out!

Royston Turquoise Mine Tour

Royston Turquoise
Turquoise Mining Tours

Royston Turquoise Mine Tours


The Royston Turquoise Mine located just out of Tonopah, Nevada USA offers tours of the Royston Turquoise Mine. The Royston Turquoise Mine has been owned by the Otteson family for generations and is run by Dean and Donna Otteson of Tonopah, Nevada.

Three years ago the Travel Channel featured the Royston Turquoise Mine on their “Where to find Cash and Treasures” series and so began the Mine tour project. Mining tours was a hit and Dean loves to show off his jewels as well as letting you take some home that you found yourself.

This is a great thing to do if you are interested in authentic Turquoise and believe me, the Otteson’s are 100% authentic Turquoise Miners and would love to have you.

For more information, go to the Royston Turquoise Website Mine Tour page.

Prehistoric Americans Traded Chocolate for Turquoise

Talk most a course deal—prehistoric peoples of Mesoamerica haw hit traded drink for gems from the U.S. Southwest, a newborn think suggests.

Traces of a chemical institute in cacao—the essential fixings in chocolate—were institute in individual crapulence vessels from different sites in metropolis Bonito, a Byzantine of sandstone “great houses” in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Ancestral Puebloan peoples shapely the complex, the epicenter of the ancient Chaco culture, in stages between A.D. 850 and 1150.

But cacao, a equatorial production that grows in Central and South America, was cultivated in past nowadays exclusive in Mesoamerica, a location that stretches from Mexico to Costa Rica (see map).

The findings declare the New Mexico Byzantine also served as a trading hub for Mesoamericans and Puebloans between the 11th and 14th centuries—and that the digit groups had a “much tighter connection” than previously thought, said think cheater Dorothy Washburn.

Visiting Mesoamericans haw hit bartered cacao beans for gems unequalled to the Southwest, much as turquoise, which is famous to hit been mined by Puebloans in what’s today New Mexico. (Take a drink quiz.)

“We’ve erected this surround between the Southwest and Mesoamerica for the full of prehistory, [when] it was meet digit area—the Americas,” said Washburn, of the University of university Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia.

“This is meet additional artefact of sight how these grouping interacted.”

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