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Chinese Turquoise Mines Closed

Chinese Turquoise Mines ClosedChinese Turquoise Moratorium

The word is out that the Chinese government has put a mandatory moratorium on Turquoise mining in China for a minimum of three years and most likely five.

The Chinese are not happy with the low values on their Turquoise for the amount of destruction the mining is doing to the hills and mountains it is mined in. There has also been a lot of loss of lives in and around the mines which is also disturbing to the government.

This will, no doubt, have a major impact on the Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry market worldwide as Chinese Turquoise has been used for about 75% of the Jewelry being made worldwide.

This will not alter the escalation of fake Turquoise being produced in China, and most likely it will increase as the fashion industry is using more and more of it in their cheap Turquoise Jewelry for the low-end markets. China has now gone beyond using Howlite to make their fake Turquoise, they are now just using cement, dyeing it the color in demand and pouring it into moulds of the shapes they desire.

It will be interesting to see what China produces for the fashion industry next!