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Turquoise Mining in America

Turquoise MiningWill Turquoise Mines reopen in the U.S.?

Turquoise Mining in the United States has nearly come to a halt. Due to new government mining restrictions and the cost of mining in the United States, most of the Turquoise Mines have been closed. There are only two Turquoise Mines that are actually producing Turquoise for the market and they are the Kingman Turquoise Mine and the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine. Although the Royston Turquoise Mine is still active, they are not producing worthwhile quantities for the marketplace as they are hosting mining tours, and doing well at that!

The cost of mining Turquoise as well as any other materials out of the ground in the United States has become very expensive and the red tape involved with the federal government is getting more and more difficult every year. The bad economy also has a factor in the mining of Turquoise. In this recessionary period, people are spending less money and Jewelry of all sorts is not immune to these hard time in the economy.

As a result, American Turquoise is becoming rare and high grade American Turquoise is almost becoming extinct as there is only a small percentage of quality Turquoise of the Turquoise that comes out of the ground. Low end Turquoise or Chalk Turquoise used in costume or fashion Jewelry is not a problem as Mexico and China are still producingĀ a lot of this type of material. It is very important to watch what China is doing as they have been producing fake Turquoise and this is not a good thing for the future of the Turquoise Market.